Pancake Breakfast 2008

The Netarts Oceanside fire department holds their Oceanside Pancake Breakfast at the Oceanside Community Club Hall every year on the last Saturday in March. (They hold another breakfast in the fall at the Netarts station.)

Netarts resident and fire department volunteer David Howes took some pictures at the breakfast, and it’s a good opportunity to see the new chairs that the Community Club purchased in January.

Hall set up for pancake breakfast

The 80 new stackable chairs are a big improvement over the previous folding chairs. They’re described as “2 hour chairs.”

Finishing pancake setup

Here’s another picture of the firefighters setting things up, this time of the kitchen.

Prepping the Pancake Breakfast

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2 Responses to Pancake Breakfast 2008

  1. Kewn says:

    your site contains neither a map or a physical address for the hall, for those of us coming from out of town.

  2. BrianB says:

    Thanks Kewn.
    Oceanside is small enough that it would be hard to miss the hall, but we will add the address and work on a map.

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