Frequently Asked Questions

How many tables, chairs, and the dimensions?

10 eight foot long by two and a half foot wide folding tables.

80 stackable chairs, the seats are 16 x 16 inches 18 inches above the floor with 33 inch backs.

Dimensions of the building and patio.

The main hall is 24 ft x 41 ft with an adjoining 12 ft x 12 ft kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and storage rooms.

The patio has a main area that is 32 ft x 35 ft with an additional 11 ft x 21 ft area, or described differently, is a 43 x 35 foot rectangle with a 21 x 11 foot chunk in one corner occupied by part of the building, resulting in an “L” shape.

What about the grassy area to the South of the building?

The grassy lot south of the Community Club can also be rented from its private owner, we can supply contact info on request.

What about parking for our guests?

There is a parking lot next door which is part of the State Park. Your guests can park there, but so can beach visitors. The parking lot is to be emptied by 11:00 p.m. per Oregon State Parks regulations. Limited on-street parking is also available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The curb directly in front of the club is a loading-only zone.

What about access to the beach?

The beach access is just beyond the parking lot described above.

When do we have to be quiet?

You cannot make excessive noise at any time. Be respectful of people who live near the club by minimizing noise after 10PM.

Can I bring a barbecue grill?

You can bring and use your charcoal or propane grill on the patio.

Can I set up a tent on the back patio?

You can, but be aware that strong winds can arrive at any time of year. (The coast is beautiful, but does have some drawbacks.) Tent rental companies will want the dimensions of the patio described above. If you decide to set up your own tent, you do so at your own risk for damaging the landscaping, edges of the patio, and/or losing it to wind and potentially injuring someone or damaging the building. The rental companies use large containers of water or sand to hold tents in place and avoid damaging our landscaping.

What about plates, flatware, glasses, cups, etc?

The Club has an assortment of serving utensils and a number of mugs and wine glasses available for your use, and a dishwasher to wash them afterward.

There is also a banquet-style 50-cup coffee maker as well as a household drip-style coffee maker and a kettle.

What about serving alcohol?

There shall be no unlawful use or sale of alcoholic beverages. If used, such beverages shall be consumed only by your legal-age guests within the Hall or attached patio.

Is there wifi, and will my mobile phone work?

The Club does offer wifi – check the board in the kitchen for network and password information.

Oceanside is at the base of a hill facing the ocean, so mobile phone networks are “challenged,” but sometimes you can get a signal.