About OCC

The Oceanside Community Club is the non-profit neighborhood organization which owns and manages the Oceanside Community Club Rental Hall. (Sometimes referred to as the Oceanside Community Center.)

The Oceanside Community Club was incorporated in 1949, became a non-profit organization in 1954, and has been in constant use ever since.

It is the community’s only public hall and is the main center for meetings and gatherings. The Community Club holds its monthly meetings there. These meetings generally feature a speaker or presentation about public interest, safety, or educational information.

The Oceanside Community Club, in conjunction with the Netarts Community Club, sponsors the Vera Snow-Reid Scholarship at the TBCC. In recent years the Community Club has donated to support local charities and organizations including the Food Bank, Tillamook High School Choir, and the Tillamook Farmer’s Market.

Club minutes and information are available at http://oceansideclub.wordpress.com/

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