Rules of Use

Rules of Use – Oceanside Community Club

Note: Rules also available as a Printable PDF.

OCCUPANCY: MAXIMUM CAPACITY is 99 people with chairs OR 67 people with tables and chairs

  1. THERE SHALL BE NO UNLAWFUL USE OR SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES If used, such beverages shall be consumed only by your legal aged guests within the Hall or attached patio.
  2. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED inside the Hall or within 10 feet of any entrance.
  3. Entrance to the Hall by any club officer or representative, or law enforcement officer, for any purpose, may be made at any time.
  4. NOTHING MAY BE TAPED, TACKED, OR NAILED TO THE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR WALLS, CEILING OR WOODWORK. When moving tables or chairs, lift them to avoid damage to the floor. None of the Community Club property is to be removed from the premises.
  5. No parking spaces shall be blocked or reserved in any manner. The parking lot next door is part of the state park – your guests can park there, but so can beach visitors. The parking lot is to be emptied by 11pm per Oregon State Parks regulations.
  6. Users shall not make excessive noise, nor disturb or annoy those in the vicinity of the Community Club.
  7. Users shall provide their own cookware, table covers, paper plates, cups, napkins, etc., dishcloths, towels and pot holders. One roll of paper towels and dish soap will be supplied.
  8. Taper candles are not allowed in the community club. (Candles unable to tip over are allowed.)
  9. The fireplace is to be used for wood burning only. No plastic or garbage shall be placed in the fireplace and no burning of refuse is allowed. Any violation will be charged as a garbage fee.
  10. The kitchen shall be left in clean condition. Utensils and equipment shall be washed, dried and put back in their proper place. The oven shall be left in clean condition. No food or beverages may be left on the premises, including in the refrigerator. No deep frying, hot oil cooking, or crab boiling is allowed.
  11. Floors shall be cleaned of any spills, drips, or dirty foot traffic. Kitchen surfaces are to be wiped clean. Outside patio, front walk, and side areas adjacent to the Hall shall be cleaned of any refuse left over from the event. Cleaning supplies (brooms, chemicals and mop) are available to use as needed. If cleaning is not possible, for whatever reason, see “Cleaning services” below.
  12. One standard size garbage can is included with the rental fee. Additional cans (not located inside back room) may be found in outside storage room adjacent to rear door if needed. A $15.00 fee will be charged for any additional cans used. Please line all cans used with large garbage bags located under counter in back room. No recycling service is available. Any items left will be treated as garbage.
  13. All lights, stove top elements, oven, and any other appliances shall be turned off or unplugged. The wall thermostat, (located on wall near supply room) should be turned to “on” position, the fan set to “auto,” and temperature set to 55 degrees. Temperature can be adjusted by the “up and down” push buttons.
  14. All doors and windows are to be locked upon departure. Lock both locks in the front door.
  15. Key must be picked up from and returned to the Oceanside Community Club Representative. If key is lost, a $50 replacement fee will be assessed.
  16. Cleaning services will be charged at a rate of $35.00 per hour (one hour minimum) if the club is not left in the same condition as it was prior to rental.
  17. User agrees to pay for any damage to the Hall resulting from use of the facility and to replace or pay for any equipment or furnishings that are damaged. Please respect our landscaping and flower garden.


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